Know exactly what you want? Have a bit of an idea? Have no clue what you're doing? Want me to just do the whole thing??

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Framing options/colors/prices will be discussed one on one later.
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Do you need the piece completed and to you by a certain date? If no leave blank.
Please note that depending on the type of art/size/framing of your piece there are certain time limits I just cannot do and I will be straight up about it. I am only human!
This may also be discussed one on one. What you want may be out of your price range, but I can work with you to create something that you'll be happy with.
We will go into even more detail when we talk one on one, this is to give me an idea of where we're headed and if I can fullfill your vision
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Before I begin in on your actual artwork I require 50% of the total price up front. This covers part of my time put in if the client fails to pay the rest of the cost upon completion of the artwork. This payment is nonrefundable. Framing and shipping costs are covered by the client. These costs will be discussed with them before the artwork is started and are paid when the client pays the other half of their total artwork price. Artwork is only given to the client when all costs are paid in full. I reserve the right to have images of custom client artwork in progress and/or completed on my website and any of my social media platforms. I reserve the right to produce and sell prints of any custom artwork unless previously discussed with the client beforehand. By checking the box below you agree and understand these terms.