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the same way lines flow on a vehicle i see in the landscape of the female body. much like the way light plays off nature in the morning, i feel in the way a woman's personality radiates about her.  my art comes from a place of worshipping women like the goddesses they are and depicting them as such.


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i believe in intentional living. wholeheartedly consuming your life with your art. from the clothes and jewelry i wear, food i eat, books i read, to the way i decorate my home, destinations i travel to, how i throw parties - it all reflects the essence of my art. likewise, my art is completely affected by my life and the subjects i find interesting. i love beauty and mythological beings, french countrysides, water and clouds. feeling very whole, free, and light, like almost floating through life. these ideas make their way into my art through my need to create pieces that resonate with what i feel. i am constantly trying to create a specific feeling or aesthetic through everything i do, everything i create and want others to see things the way i do through my art.


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